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False Claims
A Farce

Time: A Tuesday evening in June, 1954

Setting: An elegant Manhattan penthouse

Genre: Farce

Breakdown: 4M/4F

Length: Two Acts (90 Minutes)

False Claims—a fast-paced, knockabout, zany comedic bauble—traces the despicable schemes of Dennis, a devious, layabout nephew, who poses as his late aunt’s husband in order to collect her life insurance money—but, as always, farcical complications ensue.


Trevor Abes, Mooney on Theatre:

  • “'False Claims' is a rare farce that flirts with psychological depth.”

  • “As farces go, he takes things in a less-travelled direction, contrasting the humor, absurdity, and zany antics you’d expect from the genre with deeply troubled characters who are in many ways not exaggerations at all.”

Isabella Perrone, Broadway World Toronto:

  • “The tight script...and sharp plot twists make FALSE CLAIMS a great example of comedic farce…”

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